Friday, May 17, 2013

It's been a QUICK break

This past semester came and went SO quickly 
But let me tell y'all, I was ready for it to go
I mean REALLY ready 

I am enjoying school, really I am
But this semester was hard, exhausting, and just not super enjoyable 
Oh there were lots good things in there don't get me wrong 
However, I am thankful to have another one behind me 
Am pleased with the outcome and am ready for what's next 

What's next came pretty quickly to...Monday that is! 
We start back class on Monday-WHAT? 
Where did that break go? 
I was still doing therapy on M/W of the 1st week 
and this past real free week has been so nice it's just FLOWN 

Y'all the happiest part of this break, Kristin Louise Jensen
She came to Columbia Monday night and stayed through Wednesday late afternoon 
Best friend time, MUCH needed 
We just got to hang out, exercise, walk, lay by the pool, and catch up
So good for my heart
It had been way too long 
Thankfully, I will get to see her again in just 3 weeks 
Thank you Kristin! I LOVED having you here! 

Also during my break, I have had lots of time to just be 
All my friends are working-how no fun is that 
So I've been able to read, spend time with the Lord, and attempt to rest 
Sitting still for TOO long is hard for me (I get it from my momma)
But I have been reminded of just how important it is to rest 
To enjoy this time the Lord has given 
To choose joy and rest confident in his sovereignty

Praying that as I enter this summer of school and ESY 
The Lord would give me a joyful heart of gratitude 
That I would live life sure of His faithfulness  
That He would rock my world in unimaginable ways
as He draws me closer to himself! 

Psalm 62:1 "Truly my soul finds rest in God, my salvation comes from Him."
Happy Friday!  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring has Sprung

1 Samuel 2: 2-4 “There is none holy like the Lord;for there is none besides you;there is no rock like our God.Talk no more so very proudly,
let not arrogance come from your mouth; for the Lord is a God of knowledge and by him actions are weighed.The bows of the mighty are broken,     but the feeble bind on strength."
We've had some crazy weather
hot, cold, rainy, cold again 

Sitting outside Starbucks with the cool breeze and sun shining 
I am praying that I can officially say 
Welcome Spring
I do love spring weather and the colors of the season
and lets be real, spring clothes 

These past few weeks have absolutely flown by 
They have been busy, a little overwhelming
yet still a sweet time of growing, laughing, and learning to be dependent on God alone 

Our sweet savior has been so sweet to meet me right where I am 
To lead me with love and grace 
To teach me what it looks like to live a life of freedom through grace 
and to rely on Him for my strength, contentment, and joy 

Let me be real, it has not been easy 
I am so easily swayed by the ways of the world
I want to figure it out myself 
Appear to have my life completely together, which I most certainly do NOT
and yet still  
I so easily fall into the performance trap
instead of living in light of God's grace 

It has been such a gentle reminder to recognize my need for a Savior 
When I try to "control" whats going on
it most often crumbles
When I depend on myself instead of being empowered by the Spirit
I fall-completely helpless

I'm so thankful for unconditional love
Because no matter what I do or don't do
The gospel says I am His, redeemed, counted blameless and righteous at the cross
 Praise Jesus!
Thank you Lord!

You can have all the right equipment to live a successful, victorious life, but without the Spirit’s empowering, you can’t live that kind of life. -Rick Warren 

Here is a little photo re-cap of the last few weeks! 
What an ELAMAGORGEOUS bride 

Love love LOVE these girls to pieces 

This family I adore and my favorite Easter picture of ALL time
Ben was not feeling those pictures :) 
Easter Sunday Funday-tissues, the latest in ear protection; cute, eh? 

Happy happy HAPPY birthday Court and My-Mich! 

It's wedding season y'all-what a great date I have 
No but really, she is the BEST
Thanks for all your wise words, laughter, & encouragement Madre! 

SIDE note: 
 It's been WAY to long since I have seen this girl
We are really sad about it 
2 weeks and I'll get to see dear Kristin's smiling face 
COME on April 19th for seeing Kristin and SEEESSTTERRRS Birthday! 
LOVE you! 

Monday, March 18, 2013


Would you consider yourself bold in your faith? 
Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to find out if someone knows Jesus?
Do you ask? 

I can't speak for anyone but myself and I know that more often than not
I tip-toe around if I'm not sure people know Jesus
Surely I can tell by their actions and I can set an example by how I live, right? 
That is not what the Lord has called us to at all 

It is Easter season
The time God gave his Son 
To die, to bleed, to suffer and be separated from the Father
for MY filthy rags 
Only to powerfully raise him from the dead
To display his power, compassion, love and grace 

I was blown away today by a sweet little 6 year old 
Ellie came with me to help with a school assignment 
She was such a rockstar and did an awesome job
We got back in the car 
Without hesitation, she said 
"Kendall, are you a Christian?" 

I couldn't help but smile at her willingness to be bold
She didn't think twice about asking 
She wanted to know if I knew the same Jesus she did 

I assured her that yes I was
We continued to have a sweet conversation about what it means to be a Christian
What Jesus did and what that looks like in our lives 
I loved hearing her stories about Jesus
The faith of a child-so tender and sweet with such trust in Jesus
What a reminder to trust in our God
Who is sovereign over ALL things 

Jesus spoke straight to my heart through Ellie's sweet spirit today
Thank you to a beautiful, loved, bold Ellie-bug

Will you be bold this Easter season? 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patricks Weekend

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Spring 
I can't ever decide if fall or spring is my favorite season
after days like yesterday and today
Spring is well in the lead 

This morning Sarah Beth, her dear friend Lizanne, and I ran in the Get to the Green 10K
SB and Lizanne were such rockstars-what ballers 
Lizanne gets married NEXT WEEK so they were 
"sweating for the wedding"
What cuties

We could not have asked for a more beautiful morning to run 
The breeze was cool
The sun was shining 
It was just gorgeous 

The whole time I was running
I couldn't help but smile at the Lord's glory displayed through creation 
Today was beautiful 
We had lunch outside
Came back home & I desperately needed to school work 
So, what did I do
Took my stuff right outside sat in the sun 
Enjoyed the warm sun and cool breeze 

Thank you Lord for Spring
A fun St. Patrick's weekend 
and sweet sweet friends  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

At the Cross...

"He is not here. He has RISEN, just like He said." Matthew 28:6

At the cross, I am redeemed. At the cross, I am granted righteousness. At the cross, I am given unimaginable grace. At the cross, I am loved. At the cross, I am COMPLETE. 

Happy Easter season! Thank you Jesus for a torn veil and an empty tomb! 

"Jesus is the only One who can meet your deepest need to be known, accepted and pursued simply because of who you are." 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Princesses, yes we are!

We did, yes we did!
13.1 miles later, Megan and I are officially Disney Princesses! 

We had a great time 
We were both a little anxious 
but were sweetly reminded to be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9) 
and that Jesus is our sustainer and he has stooped down to make us great (Ps 18:35)

Mom and Dad are literally the best

They got up early to drive us down Friday
Made sure we were where we needed to be
Encouraged us, prayed with us, spoiled us rotten all weekend
I am so grateful for their selfless love
What a beautiful example they set

It was a QUICK weekend
A busy whirlwind
We left around 730 Friday morning
About 6 1/2 hours later, we made it
Megan and I went straight to the expo to pick up our packets

Came back and went for a lovely dinner

Up early Saturday, around 7 ish, for a warm up jog
Got ready and hit the parks
It was hot,lots of walking, and even more people
(probably not the best before a 1/2 marathon)
but we made the most of it

Came back to the hotel
Mom and Dad brought supper back

We enjoyed it in our room
Naturally, had a little pre-race dessert

Then Megan and I tried to hit the hay early

Beep beep goes the alarm at 2 am (YIKES)
Excited, we got up and ready
Complete with tu-tus and hairbows

Got on a bus to head to the start line at 330 am
Were in our corrals around 445 am

And off we went at 550 ish

We ran all through Disney
Magic Kingdom and Cinderella's castle was definitely the high point
The last few miles were difficult
We were both just ready to finish
We felt like the last mile was never ending
But we did it, sprinted across the finish line (Mom and Dad there cheering for us)
In 2 hours 14 minutes
We are pleased!

We finished and got a beautiful medal
Mom and Dad came bearing beautiful roses
We drank lots of water and were then just ready to be clean

Came back, got all showered and hit the road to head back
Got caught in terrible traffic
Took us 9 hours to make it home but we made it safe and sound
Now life continues on
We are just a little more royal 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Girls Weekend 2013

Y'all I ALWAYS have so much fun with my girlfriends 
Almost 2 years out of Clemson 
Annual girls trips are a necessity 

We've had get togethers at the lake
Went to Boston (that was while we were still in Clemson) 
We always laugh till we cry 
Enjoy fellowship 
Catching up on each others lives
I personally enjoy that we are all in such different stages of life 
We can all bring so many different experiences and learn from one another,
what a beautiful picture of the Lord's faithfulness 

Our dear friend Sara got married this past summer and she and her husband live in Nashville 
What better place than Music City for a girls weekend 
They were such gracious and generous hosts 

Our weekend in pictures
Full of laughs 
Funny stories
Yummy places to eat 
Beautiful weather 
and most importantly GREAT friends 

 Kristin, Kaitlyn, and I jet setting to Nashville 
 Bee bopping around Vanderbilt campus-such a beautiful university
 Delicious dinner at Sambuca in The Gulch 
Thank you for the recommendation Kathryn 
 Headed down to the Honky Tonk 
 "Love Circle"-overlooks the Nashville skyline
 So thankful I get to have this beautiful friend to do life with
 The Bluebird Cafe 
 Waiting at The BlueBird Cafe 
 Church at Brentwood Baptist 
 Lovely Brunch at Tavern 
Great Sunday brunch and the weather was GORGEOUS 
 Rayna James House in the TV show "Nashville" 
 In the Belle Mead Neighborhood
Such a quaint beautiful area 

So sad to leave Nashville and girls weekend 2013